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The College Student Federation Held the Sixth

In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, and promote the physical and mental health of employees, from November 3rd to 9th, the College Student Federation organized the sixth "Rising Cup" badminton competition. The competition is divided into two events, men's team competition and women's singles competition. After several days of fierce competition, Chen Xubin, Wu Yingxiong and He Xinxin won the men's team championship, and Li Jiayi won the women's singles championship.
It is understood that the current badminton tournament is different from the previous. The previous men's singles and doubles events have been changed to the men's team round-robin competition. Points are accumulated through the round-robin of the singles and doubles in each group, and the final ranking is determined. In addition to the players' individual skills, they also tested the team's cooperation and tacit understanding. After the finals on November 9th, a foreign friendly match was also organized, and members of Jiedong Badminton Association were invited to compete with our players.

As a regular event of our company, the "Rising Cup" badminton competition of Greatoo attracts many badminton enthusiasts to compete with each other. With the charm of the game, it promotes the entrepreneurial spirit of daring to work hard, as well as inspires and guides employees establish correct values and create a good corporate culture atmosphere.