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Greatoo Held Thanksgiving Day Event

In order to promote the company's people-oriented corporate culture and cultivate employees' gratitude, on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, the Employee Assistance Center of Greatoo launched activities with a theme of "giving love and returning gratitude", to create a "love" atmosphere, so that employees can truly feel the civilized and peaceful corporate atmosphere after work!
In order to ensure the orderly conduct of activities, the Employee Assistance Center convened several meetings in advance to carry out detailed activities and division of labor and cooperation. During the preparation for the event, the Employee Assistance Center vigorously publicized Thanksgiving Day activities in the form of posters. All the company's mentors and apprentices were invited to participate. As of November 26, a total of 28 pairs of mentors and apprentices who independently registered and invited participated in this activity.
On November 28, Thanksgiving Day came on schedule. The training center on the second floor of the company's smart workshop was full of lights. Staff of the Employee Assistance Center came there early to set up the event venue, moved tables, pasted ribbons, debugged electronic screens and lights and sounds ... A series of preparations were carried out in an orderly manner. In the afternoon, the event officially started with dynamic music.
With the festive atmosphere, Zeng Bo, vice chairman of the Employee Assistance Center, summarized the company's help and care activities for employees in recent years. He thanked the company for caring about its employees and remembering the warmth and coldness of employees' lives. Zeng announced to everyone the work responsibilities of the Employee Assistance Center, stating that if employees have any difficulties, they can apply to the Center for help. Later, the representative of the Employee Assistance Center, Lin Daochong, shared his work history in the company, and thanked the company and colleagues for their care. The tone of peace and sincerity won applause from the scene.
Subsequently, the event entered a grateful interactive session. The staff distributed the "Thanksgiving Day" greeting card to the apprentices who participated in the event, and then the apprentices wrote words of thanks and blessings to their mentors on the greeting card. Three of the greeting cards were marked "Congratulations on winning the prize". The apprentices who won the card could not only get a gift from the event, but also speak on the spot to express their gratitude to their mentors. In an interactive form, the host let the teachers and students participating in the speech tell the truths that are deep in each other's heart. At the end of the event, the host invited all the mentors to come on stage, the staff gave them holiday gifts, and their apprentices also gave their mentors a greeting card filled with gratitude and blessings.   

This Thanksgiving Day event ends with joyful and peaceful music. The joyful smiles and grateful hearts remained at that moment, and we also saw a group that helped and thanked each other. It is under such selflessness that generations of talents can continue to create miracles, and it is this heritage that helps us create a more brilliant future.