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First-time Training Development Activities of Internal Trainer


n order to build a more professional and efficient internal trainer team, further develop talents and create benefits for the company, from May 23 to May 24, with the support of the Human Resources Department and the Administrative Office, the company organized 25 internal trainers to go to Shantou CITIC Resort to conduct the first-time internal trainer training and outreach activities.

On May 23, the internal trainers participating in the event were divided into four groups to carry out training activities. And in this training, the Human Resources Department specially invited Zhao Xinggang, a full-time lecturer of Shantou Guohui, to teach the internal trainers. Mr. Zhao mainly explained the aspects of training course design and development, teaching skills expression, drill and coaching. During the course of the lecture, the teacher paid great attention to the active classroom atmosphere and paid attention to the interaction between the teacher and the students. In a short day of class, Mr. Zhao used his wisdom and a large number of cases to tell us that the importance of being an internal trainer has benefited the internal trainers:

First of all, it is not enough to have a certain amount of knowledge as a qualified internal trainer. It is also necessary to have its own training style. This includes the speed of speech during the lecture, the posture during training, how to use various training tools around and how to use the body language to communicate with the students. The speech should be well-organized and easy for students to remember;

Second, training is persuasion rather than preaching. Training is a process of interacting with students, not a person's speech. Training is very different from education and learning. It is not the instillation of knowledge and it is the training of skills and knowledge. The proportion of training interaction should run through the entire training class. Training should grasp the characteristics of adult learning. We should not think that we just tell our knowledge. We should interact with the students in the course, and use the discussion, comments, simulation exercises, etc. to stimulate the students, so as to better instruct teaching knowledge and working ability;

Finally, training the first-aid treatment of special situations on the site. The wonderful is designed, and the effect is prepared. When attending lectures, the lecturer's more or less nervous emotions will directly affect the overall effect of the training. It should emphasize the daily accumulation of the internal trainers and enhance their ability to speak and speak well. Before the lecture, you should also fully prepare the knowledge and adjust emotion.

On May 24th, the internal trainers were divided into two groups at the CITIC Development Base, and participated in the open-air expansion activities. They carried out projects such as trams, high-altitude broken bridges, power ropes, and reading the graduation wall.

The tram, summed up in one sentence, is "wearing a pair of shoes", which helps to strengthen team cohesion, improve team atmosphere, and encourage new employees to integrate into the new team as soon as possible. The internal trainers participating in the event came from different departments of the company, and after that, the passion of the internal trainers was fully released, and the former strangers had certain understanding;

The high-altitude broken bridge aims to break through and overcome psychological obstacles and go all out to overcome the fear. As an internal trainer, the biggest psychological obstacles in the case of lectures are the tension and the challenges from the students. Through this project, the internal trainers learn to use positive attitudes to win and gain opportunities, while fostering the spirit of mutual assistance in the face of difficulties. Using encourage and attention, to let students realize that mutual encouragement and care is an essential factor for a good team;

Looking through the graduation wall is to develop the ability of students to make full use of resources. The team of internal trainers should learn how to think about problems, analyze problems and develop awareness of programs, make use of resources around them to make decisions, and rationally allocate human resources to conduct on-site organization, command and coordination of training sites. Through the wisdom of everyone, look through the graduation wall and take a group photo on the graduation wall to stimulate the overall cooperation of the students.

The training of the trainer team for two short days allowed the internal trainers to fully understand their own deficiencies, and also let the internal trainers learn how to make full use of resources and learn to integrate their knowledge reserves. In the course of training, you should learn how to introduce the course, touch the students, and reach a consensus with the students. On this basis, through the training preparation, training methods, interesting explanations and time management, the students' knowledge and skills will be improved. Through the implementation of the entire training process, the internal trainers themselves are also trained and developed! It is believed that through this training and development activities, the curriculum design and development ability and teaching level of the internal trainer team of the Greatoo can be greatly improved, and the staff training work can be further improved, thereby achieving the purpose of assisting the development of the enterprise.