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Create Distinctive Culture of Greatoo and Release the Vitality of Employees

In order to continue to build a distinctive corporate culture, let Greatoo culture promote the effectiveness of the business, and let the company activities release the vitality of the employees, the company's president office issued the "Notice on Organizing the 2019 Corporate Culture Activities" in February, requiring all business departments and departments to carry out the corporate culture activities in 2019 according to the plan, and require all relevant units to organize various skill competitions, aiming to encourage employees to practice practical skills, so that post technical experts can stand out and promote the overall skill level of employees; in addition, to organize a speech or knowledge contest on business systems, job standards, etc., aims to deepen employees' understanding of the above content, exercise and improve their comprehensive expression skills.

Therefore, all departments carefully organized and formulated the plan. In May, a total of six departments launched knowledge contests, speech contests or skill competitions, which effectively enabled the notice to be implemented and created a positive atmosphere throughout the company. 

Electric Welding Skill Competition:On May 20th, Bussiness Division of Rubber Manufacturing Machinery launched an electric welding skill competition in the electric welding workshop, which attracted 20 welders to register.  In order to ensure fairness and impartiality, the game invited the senior engineer, Huang Fuwang, the assistant project manager Lu Xiangru, and the electric welding project manager Jiang Yongbin to guide and score the contestants, and the final scoring standard will be strictly in accordance with the "National Staff Vocational Skills Competition Welder Technical Competition Standard".  In the end, after judging and appraising, the welders Liu Xiaohua, Liu Mei and Xiong Shenghua scored good results in the horizontal welding competition of the plates; in addition, Lin Yikai, Xu Xinxin and Chen Shaoyu scored outstanding results in the flat welding competition, and finally won the competition. Starting from the training of young people's job skills, this competition actively explores and boldly tries to create a good atmosphere for everyone to learn technology. It fully encourages employees to recognize the shortcomings and gaps in their job skills, which is conducive to fully mobilizing everyone’s passion and fighting spirit of practicing basic skills, and striving to demonstrate the power of the main force in the tide of enterprise reform and innovation.

Remember the rules and regulations to improve work efficiency: In order to improve the mastery of the company's system and job standards, and to better use the relevant systems to improve the efficiency and rigor of the work, on April 26, the Human Resources Department conducted a knowledge quiz contest based on the company and department level. The competition was run by the deputy manager of the department, Qiu Yixin, as a judge to conduct a fair score. The employees in the department took turns to conduct random questions and answers. And finally, Lin Jinghua and Huang Kaili, won the first place.

In addition, on May 24th, the sales center held a special event of "Corporate Culture, Rules and Systems Knowledge Competition". The test questions covered the company's corporate culture, the company's core values, the company's ten habits, ten standards, company rules and regulations, ISO quality, management system, job standards, business etiquette, contract legal knowledge and other aspects. Through this corporate culture knowledge contest, the team cohesion of the department has been enhanced, and the understanding of the company's corporate culture and rules and regulations has been deepened by all members of the department.

Learning professional knowledge to improve skill levels: In order to continuously improve the technical ability of all employees and build a learning-type company, the Wheel Model Management Department conducted the "Quality Inspection Tool Use and Maintenance Skills Competition" at the Wheel Model Training Center on the morning of May 28, the content includes the concept of measuring related terms and errors, the types of various common types of appliances, the history of development, the way of use, the maintenance methods, the application methods of common geometric tolerances, and so on. In the end, Cai Tianxin, the final inspector of the sidewall board, won the first place with a score of 96 points. This competition has inspired everyone's learning passion, so that everyone is more motivated to learn professional knowledge and improve their technical level.
Carry out an English contest to improve professionalism: In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the members of the department to learn English, further improve their English literacy and demonstrate professional speaking ability, the International Business Department organized an English knowledge contest on the afternoon of May 25.  This English contest is conducted in the form of a written test and an English word answer. The department colleagues conducted a two-and-a-half-month knowledge reserve in advance, and studied and consolidated the scope of knowledge involved in the competition, including foreign trade English, mold terminology, Chinese and Western food and beverage, Chinese eight major cuisines and common dish names, and translation of fruits and vegetables. The competition was intense and the enthusiasm for learning was fully mobilized. The language focuses on practice. I hope that everyone will use their spare time to consolidate and strengthen, pay attention to the training and accumulation of spoken English, and make the language skills to a higher level and serve the work better.